Life seems to be getting back to normal this fall, bringing with it some of the habits that were shelved during the past two years. In the bathroom, this means a return to makeup essentials neglected in recent months due to the mandatory wearing of face masks and successive lockdowns. Now, however, people — especially social network users — seem keen to make up for lost time with fun and eccentric beauty inspirations.

’Glazed donut’ is fall’s tastiest nail trend

Glazed donut nail art is one of the biggest makeup trends of the fall, with no less than 80 million views on TikTok. Popularized by Hailey Bieber during the summer, this look — which is expected to last through fall — involves lacquering nails in a way that resembles the glaze of a donut. It’s a trend that puts eccentricity back on the agenda, and one that’s incidentally boosting demand for pearlescent nail polish. According to the global fashion search engine Stylight [1], searches for this type of nail polish have jumped 203% in just one year. Actually, boosted by the pandemic, the global demand for nail polish promises to be particularly dynamic for the next ten years!

’Siren eyes’ are another trend that has became a staple of the back-to-school season. The trick, which enlarges the eyes and gives them an almond shape using eyeliner and brown eyeshadow, is proving a hit on TikTok, with nearly 600 million views for the associated hashtag. Stylight reports a 99% increase in search interest for the keyword "siren eye" on Google, but also a substantial 232% increase in clicks for brown eyeshadow on its international platforms.

The slugging trend takes off

But if there is one beauty trend that continues to appeal around the world, then that’s slugging. Inspired by the slimy appearance of slugs and snails, this new beauty routine involves covering the face with a thick layer of petroleum jelly before going to bed to boost hydration and enjoy plump, radiant skin in the morning. Although criticized, this method is already scoring hundreds of millions of views on social networks, and is now spurring spin-off techniques like nail slugging and hair slugging.

Lipstick is also making a comeback this fall, but not in any form. It’s anti-smudge liquid lipstick, delivering long-lasting wear and no transfer, that has been all the rage for several weeks, with a significant 300% increase in clicks for this category on Stylight. If one thing’s for sure, it’s that people seem ready to add a little colour — and fun — to their lives this season.