After the freckles pencil, a semi-permanent makeup kit? "Freck Yourself" is a new beauty formula which promises natural-looking artificial freckles that last for two days. The product adopts the approach of temporary tattoos, using a stencil and rollerball application method to achieve a realistic looking sprinkling of pigmentation dots.

Freck Yourself: First Semipermanent Freckle Cosmetic by Remi Brixton © 2015...

Freck Yourself: First Semipermanent Freckle Cosmetic by Remi Brixton © 2015 Kickstarter

The product works via self-adhesive triangular stencils, which can be applied anywhere on the face, meaning users can design their own ’freckle formation’. The rollerball applicator is then smudged over the stencils, peppering the skin with tiny speckles of the semi-permanent makeup, which is similar in formula to sunless tanner. The formula spreads out over the skin after application, giving the ’freckles’, which are smudge-free, an uneven, natural look. After two days the marks will fade away.

Crowdfunding campaign

The brainchild of LA-based Remi Brixton, Freck Yourself has been trending online since launching its campaign on crowdfunding website Kickstarter. If it reaches its funding target of US$215,000, Freck Yourself will hit the market in February 2016, at a cost of US$52 per kit, containing enough formula and stencils to rock freckles for 4-6 weeks.

"I’ve always obsessed over freckles," Brixton explains. "To me, they are the mark of rebellious dreamers, wild adventurers and unapologetic natural beauty."

However, not everybody is happy that freckles are becoming a hot new beauty trend. Some social media users have taken to Twitter to express their dismay at the beauty mark, which has traditionally been scorned, suddenly becoming fashionable.

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