With Brow Box, Faber-Castell Cosmetics proposes a range of cosmetic products entirely devoted to the individual styling of eyebrows, from filling in gaps, defining shapes to grooming and setting.

Make-up artists have long viewed eyebrows as a major feature in defining the face and to achieve a certain look,” says Faber-Castell in a release.

A well-groomed brow line creates the subtle difference that will affect the overall look of the entire face. Whether Mona Lisa, Marlene Dietrich, Audrey Hepburn or Brooke Shields: it’s all in the eye brows”.

The Brow Box rang features:

- Brow Tint
Controlled precision brow styling that creates a long-lasting, yet natural look. No smudging, fading or smearing. The fine and soft brush tip glides on perfectly and ensures a precise and controlled application. One coat for sheer colour, two coats or more for depth and intensity.

- Browlift and Draw
For a luminous look around the eyes: Defines the eyebrows and emphasizes a fresh complexion under the arch of the brows.

- Draw and Fix
Brow-perfecting that defines and then fixes with a natural sheen.

- Cashmere Brows
Sophisticated defining and enhancing to create a fuller brow.

- Eyebrow Styler
Enhances the brows natural shape and keeps stray hairs in place, while fine golden sparkles add a touch of glamour.

- Clear Fixing Brow Gel
Brow smoothing and controlling with moisturizing glycerine and herbal extracts for a natural sheen.