Faber-Castell Cosmetics’ latest innovation in the field of responsible packaging -– a rechargeable mechanical cosmetics pencil — took the stage at the latest Cosmopack fair, which was held in Bologna in March. Still in the process of being industrialized this new solution has been developed with the aim to reduce waste and add more value to the product.

While wooden pencils are an important segment that is highly appreciated by professional make-up artist, mechanical plastic pencils are our key category. Consumers appreciate them because they more convenient to use and facilitate make-up application. Therefore, it is of the highest importance to decrease their environmental footprint,” Dagmar Chlosta, President, told Premium Beauty News.

Consumers just have to switch out the cartridge when it’s empty or when they want to change colours, or simply change the application area.

The rechargeable pencil was presented featuring two different vegan and clean textures for lips, eyes and brows.

At Cosmopack 2023, Faber-Castell Cosmetics also showcased a new line of high-performing wooden cosmetics pencils for eyeliners, lipliners and browliners.

On the heels of the launch of our PEFC-certified airtight wood pencils, we wanted to create a line with strong colour payoff and high smoothness. Additives like upcycled olive stone powder and upcycled organic avocado oil allow the formula a creamy and soft-gliding application suitable for all application areas,” explained Claudia Heinig, Head Of Marketing.

In addition, the pencils are now available in different lengths and with different ferrules.

Both the rechargeable mechanical cosmetics pencil and the high-performing wooden cosmetics pencils line are part of Faber-Castell Cosmetics’ new Protopia collection.

Forged by US editor/publisher Kevin Kelly, the Protapia concept is based on the belief that “it is possible to make the world a little better - step by step.

With regard to cosmetics this can include, according to Faber-Castell, choosing products designed to reduce waste and consciously use nature‘s resources.