The launch for 2020, Scutaline, is an active ingredient derived from an adaptogenic plant used in traditional Chinese medicine: scutellaria baicalensis. This active helps prepare young skin to age well over the long term, by targeting zombies cells! It helps limit chronic inflammation and its effects and thus delays the onset of senescence, protects against the degradation of the extracellular matrix and helps maintain optimal cell metabolism for well aging.

Scutaline also acts on mature skin by preventing the spread of the senescent phenotype and the "zombie bite"!

Epidermosil and Sirhamnose are two active ingredients derived from silanol technology based on the combination of an organic silicon core with an active molecule of interest, respectively hyaluronic acid and rhamnose.

The silicon core gives them a common action of restructuring the skin, normalizing and optimizing its activity, while improving their bioavailability. It allows to deeply reshape the skin.

Epidermosil will target stressed urban skin by countering the harmful effects of cortisol induced by psychological stress. Sirhamnose offers to help mature skin to regenerate quickly after stress: it offers a real positive skin remodeling, a "cosmetic remodeling" alternative to more invasive methods.

You can find more precise information on these assets on the website and the TV channel which offers detailed descriptive videos of these 3 products.