Bimonthly magazine, bilingual French-English, intended for operators in the cosmetics and perfumes industry, Expression Cosmétique offers both synthetic and practical news in the areas of design, innovation and production.

The magazine focuses on major themes: markets, product launches, perfumery, legislation, ingredients, research, service providers... It also provides answers to issues each player in the industry is facing: marketing trends, fact sheets in formulation, development of organic and Ecocert certified products, views from regulatory experts, technical recommendations, events...

Expression Cosmétique will also come up with previews and summaries on key events in the sector (exhibitions, conferences, conventions, meetings ...) and will also have a section dedicated to the life of the profession where manufacturers will express themselves giving each reader news update in his area.

In the first issue’s summary:
- Markets: "Anti aging products are still looking great"
- Ingredients: "Active marine ingredients: an endless source of innovation"
- Perfumery: "Hesperidia: a key market for Italy"
- Report: "Contract manufacturing, a sector under pressure"
- Events : reviews on the shows "Cosmethica: at the heart of sustainable development", "SFP day: perfumery is putting on a show," SFC meetings: innovation through phytomolecules"…

A digital version is available by clicking here.

Launched on the occasion of SFC’s Cosmetagora show on January 19, the magazine is published with a circulation of 5000 copies by the publishing company, BGM. It will come in six issues including a guide of the actors in the perfume industry, completed by an A to Z Guide of cosmetic actives ingredients. For further information: