Inspired by Gaïa, the Greek goddess of the Earth, GAÏALINE® is a liposoluble active ingredient extracted from French linseed oil. Obtained through molecular distillation, a process derived from green chemistry, GAÏALINE®” is rich in unsaponifiables (sterols, tocopherols...) and alpha-linolenic acid.

Regenerative agriculture

Going beyond sustainable development with a positive impact on the environment and its biodiversity, Expanscience has chosen a hyper-local partner to source linseed oil: the “Huilerie de l’Orme Creux”, based in Corbreuse, France, which is just 32 km away from Expanscience’s production plant and the IRD center. Furthermore, this supply chain is certified "Au Cœur des Sols" (ACS) by the APAD (Association for the Promotion of Sustainable Agriculture), and Ludovic Joiris, our partner, has been committed to conservation agriculture for over 20 years.

Conservation agriculture (CA) is a sustainable agricultural approach aimed at maximizing yields while minimizing environmental impact and maintaining soil health. It is based on 3 pillars: permanent soil cover, no-tillage seeding, and crop diversity and rotation. Considered a regenerative agriculture method, it offers numerous advantages, not only for the environment but also for people and their ecosystem.

Skin and hair care

In addition to meeting consumers’ needs for transparency, soil respect, biodiversity preservation, and positive impacts on our planet, GAÏALINE® meets the beauty market’s expectations by regenerating from soil to skin!

Skin aging is a combination of both natural, internal factors and external factors directly related to our lifestyle and environment. It is an inevitable process but one that can be slowed down. How? By taking care of your skin barrier, a true shield against external aggressions. Composed mainly of ceramides, which play a crucial role in maintaining skin hydration and thus its protection, this skin barrier must be pampered!

According to Mintel, 70% [1] of American consumers now attach greater importance to protecting their skin barrier compared to a year ago, while 72% [2] of South Koreans adopt a preventive approach to skincare, and 57% [3] of Brazilian consumers actively seek skincare products containing ceramides.

In vitro and ex vivo studies have demonstrated that GAÏALINE® protects, strengthens, and regenerates the skin:

 Telomeres, which increase cellular longevity and regeneration, are protected from oxidative stress.
 Hyaluronic acid, keratin 10 (specific to the epidermis and involved in its regeneration), filaggrin levels are preserved against UV to protect all layers of the skin.
 Ceramides, keratin 14, and collagen 17 (key markers of the dermo-epidermal junction, associated with epidermal stem cells) are stimulated to strengthen and restructure the skin.

By reinforcing all these essential skin markers, GAÏALINE® regenerates it: the epidermis is strengthened, ready to fight skin aging.

These results were clinically confirmed on 40 women aged 45 to 65 years (28 days, vs. placebo).

GAÏALINE® stimulates epidermal lipids while maintaining hydration. It also reduces skin microrelief, superficial wrinkles, and skin irregularities.

Protected, smoother, and unified, thanks to a reinforced barrier, the skin has everything it needs to face the exposome and ensure its regeneration!

A second clinical study also demonstrates GAÏALINE®’s protective power on hair weakened by daily stressors (bleaching, brushing, and heating). GAÏALINE® strengthens the hair by creating a protective sheath to protect against future damage.

Thanks to its dual action on skin and hair, this innovative and regenerative active ingredient offers a complete, natural, and effective solution for slow-aging cosmetics!

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