Its name is inspired by Gaia, the Greek goddess symbolising Mother Earth because, for this active, Expanscience has chosen to go beyond naturalness by making a positive impact on the environment. Gaïaline is made from linen grown locally — just 20 miles from the production plant — according to the principles of certified and regenerative conservation agriculture. This method of cultivation places the health of the soil at the heart of the production system. Through its practices, it ensures respect for biodiversity.

Obtained by molecular distillation, the liposoluble active is a linseed oil concentrate enriched with unsaponifiables.

Epidermal barrier

In vitro studies have shown that it boosts essential markers of epidermal integrity. Telomeres, which increase life expectancy and cell regeneration, are protected from oxidative stress. Levels of hyaluronic acid, keratin 10 and filaggrin are protected from UV rays to protect every layer of the skin, while ceramides, keratin 14 and collagen 17 are boosted to strengthen and restructure the skin.

With a protected and reinforced barrier, skin can ensure its regeneration, bearing in mind that it takes a full month for the epidermis to renew itself completely and that this timespan increases with age.

Clinical studies have also confirmed that it stimulates epidermal lipids and maintains hydration while reducing skin microrelief, irregularities and wrinkles.

A second clinical study also evaluated the efficacy of Gaïaline on damaged hair in the short and long term. The active repairs, protects and strengthens hair by creating a protective sheath.

This article was initially published in our special issue “Cosmetic Ingredients – April 2024”

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