Trust is trendy

Offering natural or organic products can alleviate some doubts, but today it is necessary to go even further: brands need to be transparent and demonstrate the whole supply chain’s traceability, from plant to product.

For the sake of continuous improvement and to meet the growing demand, Laboratoires Expanscience are launching an organic virgin avocado oil [1], COSMOS Certified and 100% made in Peru.

At Expanscience, upcycled avocados are at the heart of our development strategy!

Laboratoires Expanscience have turned avocado into a product of excellence from day one.

Our presence in Peru for more than 15 years ensures our customers a perfect control over the avocado supply chain and its traceability. If you would like to know more and see some of our avocado supply chain with your own eyes, make a short trip to Peru by clicking here.

To go further in our upcycling philosophy, organic, declassified and non-exportable avocados are used to produce our organic virgin avocado oil*.

An organic virgin avocado oil 100% made in Peru

Our organic virgin avocado oil is obtained through an Expanscience-patented process from the whole avocado: skin, pulp and kernel are sliced, dehydrated then cold-pressed. This has several advantages:

- 100% valued avocados: all the molecular richness and original properties from the avocado are found in this oil.
- Zero waste: nothing left for the bin, nothing to spill!
- Virgin oil: this physical process does not require solvents and does not degrade the key molecules in the avocado.

The process takes place at our plant of processing vegetable raw material, Deshidratados Tropicales, in Lima, Peru. Acquired in 2016 to secure our supply, it also allows us to be as close as possible from the avocado fields and thus diminish the carbon footprint resulting from transportation.

Sorting of dried avocado slices at our plant in Peru

Sorting of dried avocado slices at our plant in Peru

A soft and protective oil

The emollient and nourishing properties of this oil are all thanks to its balanced composition, which is close to that of the sebum and makes it a very well tolerated oil.

These benefits find their explanation in the composition of this oil, naturally rich in unsaponifiables (>3%), the most precious molecules in an oil, with natural antioxidant power. Its fatty acid profile is also unique, as it is specific to avocado: it is rich in oleic acid (Ω-9), palmitoleic acid (Ω-7) and finally in palmitic acid.

This unique composition makes it an ideal oil to nourish the skin and protect it. This oil is also known to add shine to hair.

By combining traceability, naturality, upcycling and zero-waste and an organic certification, this new organic virgin avocado oil will be able to address all cosmetic market requirements. One more good news: it is available right now!