Expanscience’s purpose is to “help individuals shape their well-being", and they are convinced that it is inseparable from the health of the planet and that companies have an essential role to play in preserving it.

As a B Corp company, Expanscience aspires to contribute to a better world. Our ambition is to become a company with a positive impact and a regenerative purpose. This translates into actions aimed at preserving resources and minimizing the ecological footprint of our products, and even contributing to ecosystem restoration and creating social and societal value. It is in this approach that we value the riches of French terroir such as Agen plum, sunflower, lupine from Charentes, as well as biotechnology of microalgae by using them in the production of our actives.

As a family-owned, French company established in Eure-et-Loir since 1957, Expanscience contributes to local economic development by developing all its assets in its factory in Epernon, thereby contributing to regional dynamism. Since 1977, naturalness has been at the heart of our cosmetic ingredient developments, with a strong commitment to ensuring complete traceability of supply chains and evaluating the impacts related to the sourcing and transformation of our raw materials.

Committed to CSR since 2004 with the signing of the United Nations Pact, which already placed human beings and the environment at the heart of corporate concerns, Expanscience continues its commitments.

Thus, since 2011, Expanscience has been a member of the Union for Ethical Biotrade (UEBT). The UEBT is a non-profit association that promotes respectful sourcing. Its members promote practices that regenerate nature and ensure a better future for all through ethical sourcing of biodiversity-derived ingredients. This contributes to a world in which humans and biodiversity thrive.

"We have been exploiting by-products for 47 years and are aware of the importance of preserving resources. Our activity originated from upcycling, with the valorization of avocado oil, a by-product of our pharmaceutical activity!" said Armelle Le Peniec, Director of Cosmetic Actives.

Limiting our environmental footprint by avoiding the creation of new crops while stimulating the local economy and enabling producers to access a new market are the positive impacts of exploiting by-products, mainly from the agri-food industry.

Combining upcycling and local sourcing is possible! Our VIRGIN PRUNUS OIL is extracted from the kernels of plums sourced in Agen, it is rich in vitamin E, naturally fragranced, and golden. The lupine sector is also valued through 4 ingredients: ACTIMP® Bio, a 100% lupine peptide anti-aging, CO2LLAGENEER® BIO, a collagen booster active, concentrated in lupeol, extracted from the shells of sweet white lupines, sourced in the West of France, LUPINE OIL, rich in beta-carotene, and ALPHA-LUPALINE®, a UV/blue light protective active. Limiting our impact also involves using microalgae cultivated in bioreactors in the south of France for our ALGAENIA® active ingredient. Geographical proximity is also a lever for reducing transport-related impacts.

We also study agricultural upstream, which represents one of the main sources of environmental impact in the production of cosmetic ingredients. This observation stems from an in-depth Life Cycle Assessment conducted on our flagship active SOLINE®, a moisturizing, lipid-replenishing active, extracted from sunflower oil sourced in France. This analysis has allowed us to measure and quantify its environmental impact. In a continuous improvement approach, we take these results into account for the sourcing of our next cosmetic ingredients and work in collaboration with our local partners on concrete actions to improve its sustainability.

And tomorrow? We are committed to ensuring that 100% of our portfolio of cosmetic actives continues to contribute to preserving and protecting biodiversity. We aim to go even further by contributing to its restoration and supporting regenerative agriculture.