By providing an entire airless system made of one single plastic resin (SUGARCANE BASED POLYETHELENE or optionally polyethylene), there is no need either to disassemble and select the parts of the packaging or incinerate it, making it easy to recycle and aligned with the rules and regulations in regards to recycling.

The polyethylene resin has been used by the pharmaceutical industry over decades as primary packaging for drugs, due to its physical and chemical stability, and for being safe. The Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) Polyethelene is available on the market and the implementation of this resin allows the close looping and the ZERO WASTE concept.

The use of the SUGARCANE BASED RESIN adds the benefit of carbon reduction: for each airless system produced by Wista, three times of its weight of carbon is captured from the atmosphere.

The airless system is a one-way system that allows the dispensing of the formula and blocks the returning of the air into the packaging.

The oxygen and the bacteria in the air when in contact with the formula accelerates the oxidation and the bacterial proliferation. Without an efficient airless system, the formula will be subject to contamination and oxidation. To minimize the risk of contamination, the addition of preservative is necessary, but side effects such as rash or allergies can occur. The trend towards natural formulas is growing, and by choosing Wista Airless Systems, it is possible to reduce a high percentage of preservatives in the formula without the risk of contamination.

Another benefit of Wista Airless Systems is to improve the stability of the active ingredients and enhance the formula.

Wista Airless Systems are produced under the pharmaceutical standards and the products are ready to be sterilized by the customers if necessary.

To cover a wider range of formulas, Wista Airless System brings to the market two different concepts:

- The Mono-Material UD Pump Airless System is available for dispensing pre-determined dosages. The UD Pump has been designed to allow its use for microencapsulated formulas, by preserving the microcapsules to break only after in contact with the skin. The UD Pump has excellent performance for high SPF formulas (over SPF 50). Its mechanism allows the dispensing without clogging the system [1].
- The Sage Airless System is a one-way valve with flow control. There are two valves in the system, one to block the return of the air into the packaging, and another one controls the flow of the product. Its performance for low viscosities’ formula is unique, such as for hydro-alcoholic, oils, serum, gels, among others.

Both systems are highly chemically resistant.

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