Evonik is launching a sustainable baobab oil sourced from the near Sahel region of Ghana. Named Ecohance Soft Baobab [1] the oil is refined from the non-edible seeds of the baobab fruit and can be used as a botanical emollient in a wide range of natural cosmetic formulations such as hand creams, hair conditioners and body butters.

According to Evonik, Ecohance Soft Baobab has a “well-balanced composition” with an optimized low amount of triglycerides with cyclopropeonic fatty acids beside a high ratio of tocopherol.

Sustainable sourcing

For this launch, Evonik has built a brand new supply chain, with the help of local and international partners.

The seeds used for the production of the oil come from the collection of wild fruits. To guarantee the sustainability of the entire supply chain, Evonik cooperates with the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) and supports the Great Green Wall Initiative. In addition, Ecohance Soft Baobab was recently certified by the FairWild Foundation to ensure that the sourcing of the baobab oil protects the local ecosystem and supports social and economic projects in the region and that the wild harvest baobab fruits are traceable down to the collector [2].

Baobab trees grow on poor soil, and tolerate heat and drought, making them essential vegetation for the Sahel and helping to prevent desertification.

Sustainability drives us and collaboration defines us! Ecohance Soft Baobab is a perfect example of how we uphold our core values of environmental and social responsibility. We’ve partnered with strong allies to build a brand-new supply chain, which allows our cosmetic customers to meet the growing demand for sustainable, high-performing natural products,” highlighted Yann d’Hervé, head of Evonik’s Care Solutions business line.

A portfolio of circular solutions

Ecohance Soft Baobab is the latest addition to Evonik’s Ecohance program, which offers circular feedstocks to help the cosmetics industry move its operations and solutions into a more sustainable space through the reduction of the carbon footprint and an improved ecological and social impact along the entire value chain.

Evonik’s Ecohance program was started in 2019. The launch of Ecohance Soft Baobab follows the launch of Ecohance Care PS3, an emulsifier based entirely on olive oil residues, and Ecohance Remo XP, an eco-friendly multifunctional thickener.