In order to address new consumers demands, Evonik is launching a new premium hair conditioning agent. The new active ingredient is an esterquat [1] developed to provide superior manageability, lubricity and softness to the hair, and to help to balance the consumers’ desire for a beautiful appearance with the necessity to improve the sustainability profile of the hair care industry

New market trends

Indeed, Varisoft®EQ 100 [2] has been conceived to match new requests from consumers. Actually, Evonik found that most consumers around the world are looking for effective hair conditioning as a tool to maintain attractive and healthy hair and request excellent performance. However, at the same time, consumers are increasingly health and environment conscious.

As far as efficiency is concerned, according to the cosmetic ingredients supplier, the new Varisoft®EQ 100 “outperforms leading market standards in both sensorial evaluations and technical measurements.

Improved sustainability profile

In addition to efficiency, Evonik also claims the new Varisoft®EQ 100 has a very good sustainability profile, including:

- ready biodegradability,
- lower eco-toxicity compared to common benchmark,
- cold-processability,
- and its primarily renewable, none palm-based feedstock.

This new conditioning agent therefore supports “a more environmentally conscious approach in the cosmetic industry.

Furthermore, Varisoft® EQ 100 is a solvent-free and non-flammable liquid with reduced risk during transport or production, and, increased flexibility during processing.

Eventually, Evonik explains Varisoft ® EQ 100 is suitable for a broad range of application formats in the hair care market, including conditioning rinses, hair conditioning sprays and treatments, conditioning shampoos, styling products as well as hair dyes.