Launched in the U.K. in October 2009, evolve is a new cosmetics brand certified organic by Ecocert. The range is based on the principal that “whatever goes on the skin should be good enough to eat”. The brand, which claims to be “eco friendly, effective, and affordable”, has chosen PromensGreen AirFree system to pack and protect its preservative-free formulations.

As other airless packs, the AirFree system guarantees protection against oxygen, before and after use, as the formulation has no contact with air. The Green AirFree Vinci bottle chosen by evolve, is the environmental friendly standard version of Promens’ patented airless technology: 85% of the bottle is made in recycled PE, that is to say the entire external layer.

The use of PE Post Consumer Recycled material has until now been difficult to use in the cosmetic industry because of the problematic odour migration from raw material into the formula,” explains Promens in a release.

To overcome this difficulty, the company has developed airless pack featuring an external layer in recycled PE, representing 70% to 85% of the total raw material weight of the bottle, but with an internal multi layer pouch in non recycled PE and containing a barrier material that blocks all odour migration and also protects the integrity of the formula that is only in contact with a virgin PE.

Green AirFree Vinci 50ml - evolve moisturiser

Green AirFree Vinci 50ml - evolve moisturiser

PromensGreen AirFree Vinci bottle consequently appeared as a totally appropriate solution for a brand such as evolve that wants to propose a global green concept. It is the first success on the market for the Promens’ standard airless bottle made in recycled raw material.