The 26th European Dermocosmetology Days, organized by the European Centre for Dermocosmetology (CED), with the support of the French Society of Cosmetology (SFC) and the French Federation of Beauty Companies (FEBEA) will be held on February 7-8, 2013 at the Espace Tête d’Or (Lyons) and will deal with “the contribution of dermocosmetology to healing”.

In 2011, the European Dermocosmetology Days focused on stem...

In 2011, the European Dermocosmetology Days focused on stem cells.

Among experts and companies expected to be part of the program: Prof. Selim Aractingi, Prof. Denis Barritault, Dr. François Berthod, Professor Fabienne Braye, Dr. Clarence De Belilovsky, Prof. Alexis Desmoulière, Professor Philippe Humbert, IPIL, Dr. Isabelle James, Prof. Jean-Jacques Lataillade, Prof. Marie-Claude Martini, Prof. Laurent Misery, Anaïs Raynaud, Dr. Patricia Rousselle, Dr. Dominique Sigaudo-Roussel, Dr. Martin Weik, Codif International Laboratory Dermscan, Proderm, Silab, Vitroscreen.

A preferential registration rate is available until 15 November 2012. The program and registration form can be downloaded from the website of the CED: