Developed within Eurofragance Innovation Center in Barcelona, this third captive ingredient (only for the use of in-house perfumers) is a synthetic molecule designed to for us convey a sensation of natural freshness in Fine Fragrance, Home Care and Personal Care compositions.

A multifaceted fragrance ingredient

Named after its ability to exude fresh, invigorating and energizing notes, Euphorion evokes a euphoric breath of fresh air. According to Eurofragance, Euphorion’s most remarkable attribute is a compelling green scent that confers a deep identity to fragrance formulas, even at minimal doses.

Perfumers on the project team noticed that as well as imparting a feeling of natural freshness to compositions, Euphorion amplifies the freshness of other key ingredients and can: intensify the freshness of aromatic notes like rosemary and sage; accentuate the greenness of fruity notes like tropical fruit, blackcurrant and grapefruit; blend gracefully with woody and spicy notes like pepper and nutmeg.

Furthermore, Euphorion brings out a greener tone in fougère notes and adds aromatic intensity to leathery notes.

Beyond freshness, certain perfumers noted another olfactive attribute, more reminiscent of salty foods and umami, that blends perfectly with spicy, fruity, toasted hazelnut, green and lemony notes and conjures the aroma of oil-rich seeds and cured ham. The profile has sparked the interest of creative perfumers, who see an original alternative to sweet gourmand notes.

Low environmental footprint

In Western societies, the idea of freshness is expressed through a wide range of olfactive associations, including the outdoors, natural landscapes, citruses and other fruits, roots, spices and aromatic plants, all of which provide inspiration for perfume designers. The occasional difficulty of sourcing and replicating such natural ingredients have prompted many perfume houses in recent decades to develop synthetic raw materials that evoke similar feelings of freshness,” said Eurofragance in a statement.

According to Eurofragance, in addition to its olfactive features, Euphorion offers several advantages in terms of sustainability: it is produced using little energy; it generates little waste; and it offers maximum impact at minimal doses.

The new captive will be presented at the in-cosmetics Global trade fair held in Paris on April 16–18, 2024.