Euro Wipes is working in collaboration with Laboratoire Shadeline’s R&D department to expand its line of dermocosmetic products to include an anti-itch, anti-irritation face mask made with prebiotics and 99% natural ingredients.

"The company is also working on formulations with encapsulated active ingredients in order to improve bioavailability and boost their effectiveness on the skin," explains Euro Wipes CEO Guillaume Cantelou.

Finally, by the end of the year, the company plans to launch a new type of mask featuring an innovative bicompartmental system with no added preservatives. This line of masks will be offered in paper or mono-material recyclable packaging for a 100% eco-friendly design.

The company plans to continue supporting this effort with a steady stream of sustainable dermocosmetic and cosmetic innovations with high added value.

With this new product line, Euro Wipes solidifies its position as France’s expert in impregnated fabrics, offering increasingly effective and sustainable solutions. With its 100% natural, biodegradable materials, "home compost" or "organic" labeling, and plastic-free packaging, the company is staking it all on responsible, transparent innovation, with significant support from the ANJAC Group and its commitment to environmental sustainability.