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Olga Michau

Eurasian Union: new standards to expect for perfumes & cosmetics

Along with Kazakhstan and Belarus, Russia had created a customs union on July 1st, 2010 to introduce a common customs tariff across all three territories, abolish customs controls at the boundaries shared by the three Member States, and implement common regulatory mechanisms for foreign trade. On January 1st, 2015, the Union became the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) and the founding States were joined by Armenia on January 2, 2015, and then by Kirghizia, on May 21, 2015. For companies exporting to these countries, there is a harmonization – sometimes a simplification – of regulations and procedures.

A public debate on the review of the Technical Regulation (CU TR 009/2011) and standards intended to guarantee the safety of cosmetic products has been launched within the EAEU.

A public debate on the review of the Technical Regulation (CU TR 009/2011) and standards intended to guarantee the safety of cosmetic products has been launched within the EAEU.

Producers exporting to the Eurasian Union Member States can now get certificates and declarations of conformity valid in the five countries. All the documents required, including the unified list of accredited organizations and laboratories, are available on the Eurasian Economic Commission website:

Product compliance

As a reminder, cosmetic products marketed within the Eurasian Union should comply with the requirements set out in the CU TR 009/2011 “Technical Regulation on the Safety of Cosmetic Products”. This document is based on the European texts: Directive 76/768/EEC and Regulation (EC) 1223/2009.

To verify the cosmetic products marketed on its territory are compliant, the EAEU requires both a declaration of conformity and a registration (only for specific products).

It should be said that since January 2017, the registration certificate of cosmetic products is issued with the names of local legal entities only (distributors, importers, or official representatives of the foreign manufacturers) registered on the EAEU territory, and not with the foreign manufacturers’ addresses, unlike what was done before.

New safety standards

A public debate on the review of the Technical Regulation (CU TR 009/2011) and standards intended to guarantee the safety of cosmetic products was launched on January 10, 2017 within the EAEU. The review agenda suggests 18 new points, including the development of national interstate standards based on ISO standards.

The new standards will set out requirements regarding:

  • Microbiology
  • The identification and criteria defining natural and organic cosmetics
  • Storage conditions for essential oils
  • The nomenclature of essential oils
  • The rules on the labelling and marking of essential oil containers, etc.

The agenda for updating the technical standards is set up for the next three years: 2017-2019. The players that will draft the different standards will be the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus.

about Olga Michau
Olga Michau

Before becoming the Associated Director for Russia and CIS within the CCIS-EXPERTISE company, Olga Michau spent over 17 years in the field of product certification for the CIS area, first for global leaders, Bureau Veritas and SGS, now at CCIS-EXPERTISE. Her expertise in cosmetic products compliance in the Eurasian Union area (Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kirghizia, and Armenia) and Ukraine helps companies adopt a pragmatic, structured approach to enter these markets with ease.

CCIS-EXPERTISE consists of a team of regulatory experts who support you with procedures such as:

  • Setting up the certification file
  • Performing your product tests in the accredited laboratories
  • Designing product labels
  • Carrying out a regulatory watch
  • Training your teams as regards the standards applicable to your products
  • Getting registration certificates for your products

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