Helena Garcia de Gracia, Marketing Director

Helena Garcia de Gracia, Marketing Director

Premium Beauty News - Eudora is not only an original brand positioning but, truly, a new strategy for Grupo Boticário!

Helena Garcia de Gracia - Absolutely! The decision was taken three years ago. You know that the Group’s distribution network is based on a strong network of franchised stores in a Brazilian market historically oriented towards "door to door" sales. To grow, there were not that many solutions. We had to create a new brand more in tune with the aspirations of a segment of Brazilian customers that we had not reached yet. And commercialize the brand in both, dedicated stores that are also real platforms to develop our "door to door" activity, but also through social networks via the internet. For this, we have studied and questioned nearly 4,000 21st century Brazilian women during several months to understand their aspirations and motivations. This enabled us to determine the category of women who were looking for a certain type of product.

Premium Beauty News - Out of the two hundred million inhabitants in Brazil, about half are women. This segment, corresponding to the ones you had selected represented how many consumers for the Eudora products?

Helena Garcia de Gracia - Approximately 20%, that is to say 20 million! Eudora understands that the woman has many ways to express herself according to her mood. She may go through different moments without ceasing to be herself. Provocative and surprising, Eudora incorporates a variety of expressions and the sensual moments in beauty and fashion segments. Eudora attends this woman bringing specific products for each of its four moments: Casual, Cool, Powerful and Between 4 walls.

Premium Beauty News - Results of a survey that you wanted to take advantage of for each element in the range of your new brand!

Helena Garcia de Gracia - It’s true that we were very careful to stay consistent with these four wishes expressed by the sample of women we had interviewed. I can even tell you that our investigation even led us, without any taboo, into these new stores selling erotic products to take into account this phenomenon in the development of some of our products.

Premium Beauty News - A year later, how many products and how many dedicated stores does the Eudora range include? Make-up is obviously a strong point.

Helena Garcia de Gracia - We have on display three hundred references in fourteen stores. Our aim is to reach seven hundred references fairly quickly. You’re right, make-up is also a strong asset of the range. The Brazilian market has changed considerably over the last few years. A new breed of consumers has emerged with these men and women, with a greater purchasing power who can have access to more sophisticated products.

Premium Beauty News - You believe that more sophisticated products, require an access to a larger and more diversified supplier market. Now you are aware that it is not easy for a supplier to enter the Brazilian market.

Helena Garcia de Gracia - That’s true! But that’s what has also participated to Brazil’s economic recovery. The system encourages obviously local production. You must know that we are of course very interested in what is happening in terms of novelties, in all areas of the beauty industry. And any opportunities that can help us gain access to these areas are welcome. I think, in particular, of the recent announcement by the organizers of MakeUp in Paris and MakeUp in New York of the organisation, next year of MakeUp in Sao Paulo. That’s an excellent idea that I fully support.