The eight edition of Esxence - The Scent of Excellence, the event dedicated to artistic perfumery, which was held in Milan, Italy, from the 31st of March to the 3rd of April 2016, welcomed more than 7,000 attendees, compared to 6500 last year. According to the organisers, operators (distributors and retailers) represented the 75% of the total, with a 77% coming from abroad.

The show hosted 206 exhibiting perfume brands (+25% comparing to 2015) and 20 skincare brands, attending the second edition of Esxkin - The Excellence of Beauty, the event dedicated to the niche skincare brands. Exhibiting brands came from 17 countries: 30% from Italy and 70% from abroad (France, UK, Spain, Germany, USA, United Arabian Emirates, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Norway, Morocco, Denmark, Ireland, Turkey, Qatar). However, 60% of international exhibitors were from France, the first country of origin in the show.

The eight edition of Esxence has been unanimously described as the most successful and most interesting ever. It is significant the fact that some brands, who have already established their international distribution network, with no need to exhibit, have decided to organize in Milan meetings and interviews and contributed in supporting Esxence attending workshops and round tables”, said Silvio Levi, co-founder of Esxence and President of the Technical Committee. “We gave more space and opportunity to new and emerging brands characterized by a crescent presence of not European realities. Esxence’s propositional capability is now well-known and the 2017 edition promises to be even more interesting, full of innovative creativity and new key players.