Each brand has its own story to tell and we want to help. Essentia Beauty offers customized options in both formulation and packaging that highlight brand identity while making eco-friendly choices easy and attainable.
We are mainly focused on refill to reduce environmental impact, promoting this and other complementary strategies as we assist brands that want to go green.

Refillable palette

Our newest palette utilizes a refillable inner case made of bio-based plastic, which optimizes functionality and sustainability.

Refilling our built-in aluminium pans can eliminate plastic waste almost completely. It also allows people to easily mix and match the products they enjoy and replace them when they run out.

With more green choices and new customizable formats, the appeal to conscious consumers is clear.

We are rapidly moving into a new era of authenticity where consumer loyalty is based on trust and transparency. Consumers are making ever more conscious purchases, taking into consideration their own social and environmental impact. This is both a challenge and an opportunity for brands to attract new consumers and increase loyalty.

Discover our refill systems and start your own green revolution: www.essentia-beauty.com