Specialized for 20 years in the turnkey creation, development, and production of skincare, makeup and fragrances, Essentia Beauty has spent the past five years investing and structuring the company’s innovations around a consumer-centric approach. “We aim to find out how to provide an added value on an oversaturated market,” explains CEO Katia de Martino.

Refillable solutions

Several innovative packaging and formulation solutions resulted from these efforts, the top priority being sustainability. For example, they now offer solid perfumes in different forms, like Chubby Click, a 100% natural fragrance available as a refillable premium stick or a refillable pendent fitted with a patented sliding and locking system.

Solid perfumes are more than a trend: they meet many expectations, in particular young people’s, because they are eager for new gestures. And to us, the possibility to refill the product is the most efficient sustainable strategy. We are committed to offering the best options in this field,” says Katia de Martino.

The Smart Palette makeup concept is in line with this strategy. Various cosmetics – eye shadow, mascara, blush, lipstick – are showcased in only one compact, refillable case. Also, Fan Lipstick, whose design can be customized, is fitted with a retractable mirror to guarantee users a convenient gesture.

In addition to these developments, the successful Cosmos-certified makeup line launched for Monoprix helped Essentia get through hard times during the crisis 2020 and still be one step ahead. This line required two years of R&D to achieve optimum finish and comfort performances.

From supplier to incubator

In 2021, the company’s commitment for innovation and the search for sustainable solutions urged them to adopt an original support strategy targeting young companies and to add the brand incubator service to their business model.

We have built partnerships with three new brands. We support them according to their own needs and help them with their marketing strategy and positioning to provide an actual added value,” explains the CEO.

One of them, Ozmee, will be launched in June in Italy through its e-shop. The concept is based on a mascara offering tailor-made to each morphotype. The diagnosis is based on a mere selfie according to five criteria: length, thickness, volume, quantity, and curvature. “This is made possible thanks to an exclusive, patented facial analysis software based on artificial intelligence,” explains Katia de Martino.

According to the CEO, this high-level customization concept is in line with the brand’s sustainable strategy focused on cosmetics waste reduction. “Ozmee’s mission consists in reducing waste by helping consumers find the product best-adapted to their own needs,” she explains.

Essentia Beauty aims to strengthen its position among European turnkey solution leaders, while still investing in China, where the company opened a subsidiary already three years ago.