Katia de Martino

Katia de Martino

Premium Beauty News - You are a French-speaking Italian with Russian origin living in Italy?

Katia di Martino - That’s right, I have this multi-culture background which probably helps me to have an open minded vision. 20 years ago, I met a genial formulator who have a small laboratory of production and inspired me as he really was anticipating at that time all the main skincare trends. As I was convinced that big retailers would develop their own brand I though a full service approach would be useful, this was the business idea which generated the creation of Essentia Beauty.

Now all the development and operational team, 13 persons are here in Monza but we are also physically present in Paris and are going to open Shanghai office this summer.

Premium Beauty News - Could you summarize your specificity?

Katia di Martino - We are specialized for the past twenty years in the creation, development and manufacture of perfumes and cosmetics. One of our key asset is our ability to accompany brand owners and retailers with innovative beauty concepts, offering very competitive delivery times and cost structures.

We are able to develop and produce full make-up product lines with high performance formulations thank to a high-level network of Italian producers. Our internal industrial design team is also able to work on customized packaging requests from development through production.

Regarding Perfume, our expertise is related to our ability to create concepts fitting with each brand’s DNA, appealing to customers ‘emotional desires thank to our story telling capacity. We also have a very efficient and reliable supply chain able to guaranty quality and innovation, including customised packaging development.

Due to our customer’s request we also include accessories and gifts, important for a brand’s success considering that we have to combine competitive pricing with creativity and quality.

Premium Beauty News - Today your offer fits perfectly with the market’s demand for a "full service" offer?

Katia di Martino - Absolutely! But we have gone beyond the mere notion of "full service". Where we make the difference is in our ability for innovation including packaging and digital We work on creative, turnkey beauty concepts.

Our mission is to create something that is unique, able to drive consumer’s desire and enhance brand’s or retailers’ visibility. We study the market deeply in order to better understand changing consumer demands and create products that truly appeal to needs and them we work together with our customers to successfully adapt the selected concept to their brand identity. I

To response to fast beauty demand, we have developed innovative packaging solutions and ready-to-use formulas. Those ready to go solution can be customised considering that we have an integrated design studio able to work on specific and creative design according each brand’s identity or brief.

Our team manage all steps of the development process in accordance with customer specifications and with a constant focus on quality control, timing compliance and cost optimization. Note that we also have our own expert staff dedicated to Quality Assurance and Quality Control in Europe and Asia.

In those 20 years of experience we can rely on an efficient supply chain and have built strong partnership relations that allow us to work with our partners both on innovative formulas and packagings.

Premium Beauty News - Turnkey innovation is really part of your DNA!

Katia di Martino - Successful products always result from a creative process. We deeply track the latest trends and the new technologies involved in beauty in order to try to anticipate the next evolution in a fast beauty era. This is why we have created a web platform called « ALLMAZING » focused on Beauty & Fashion, that connects creative community, through contests and blog involving mainly millennials.

The recent launch of a customizable cosmetic jewels and innovative make-up packaging lines shows our commitment to always increase our creative value added. We look to create «MUST HAVES» that can give brands the opportunity to fit with the increasingly demanding consumers.

Last but not least, we invest on digital AI considering that it will be the main trend impacting the beauty market in the future. Thanks to this investment, we will be able to offer customised innovative digital app to our customer with a leverage effect on the marketing concept.