Usually formulated in stores or at home, most customized skincare products escape critical focal points related to hygiene, traceability, formula homogeneity, and dosing compliance.

Given how significant the safety issue is for consumers, we decided to create a new business model, a new industrial system that could ensure the safety of customized cosmetics. This system can automatically manufacture products individually, in compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) in force in the cosmetics industry,” explains Florent Pascal, co-founder and CEO of OTO-Systems.

Cosmetics GMPs

On the Eponyma website, consumers create their own profile to determine the extrinsic and intrinsic factors that can have an impact on their skins. Depending on this profile, a transposition algorithm defines a tailor-made active complex out of over 15,000 possible combinations. Consumers can also choose a texture - rich or light cream, serum… - and the colour of the formula. Plus, they can personalize the packaging with their names.

The order is sent to the machine in real time, so the product can be manufactured immediately. Then, it is shipped within 48h.

One product = One batch

Every product is unique and bears its own formula and batch number to ensure traceability. “We keep a sample of every single product we make to ensure perfect traceability and make it possible to perform a posteriori tests, if need be,” explains Florent Pascal.

Since every formula is unique, by definition, to avoid any cross-contamination between the different products, the system is automatically cleaned and sterilized as soon as a product has been manufactured.

The concept covers most issues related to consumers aged 20 to 80 – hydration, anti-ageing, radiance, UV protection… – in a way that is adapted to every person and their own environment. The multifunctional product is available for EUR 76 to EUR 99, depending on its composition, in a 50ml airless glass bottle.

The first feedback we got from our consumers is excellent. They like the fact that they use only one product meeting all their personal needs,” rejoices Florent Pascal.

The startup has launched a fundraising campaign and now aims to set up a first workshop in France, diversify their offering to other segments than face care, and gain visibility on the French market.