New Environmental Manager

In the frame of its ongoing “Green Commitment” program, Neopac, a Switzerland-based supplier of tubes for the biotech, pharmaceutical, personal care and cosmetic industries, has appointed Daniel Müller as Environmental Manager, in preparation for the company’s ISO 14001 certification.

Neopac is striving to achieve ISO 14001 certifcation in May 2011. The standard sets out requirements for an Environmental Management System (EMS), which will help Neopac to measure and document its environmental impact. The company also considers that being ISO 14001 certified would satisfy the growing needs of customers.

Addressing customers expectations

More and more customers are asking for green tubes,” points out Daniel Müller. “They are seeking to offer products with a good eco-balance that are safer for the environment as well as the consumer. In this way, they are not only meeting the needs of the consumer, but also creating an image of an environmentally conscious supplier.

According to Neopac, more and more consumers are sensitive to the contents not only of the product itself, but also of the packaging, and are looking for packaging that are free from environmentally harmful ingredients and processes.

Carbon neutrality

In addition, Neopac has provided data regarding materials, transportation, the disposal of hazardous substances, etc. to the myclimate Foundation, a Swiss non-profit foundation that is the leading quality provider of climate education and Carbon Management Services as well as a renowned partner for carbon offsetting solutions via effective carbon offset projects.

After receiving data from Neopac, myclimate calculates the offset returns required, which, in turn, are used to promote certified environmental projects. Customers can then decide whether they would like to purchase CO2-neutral tubes and are prepared to pay an extra amount to support these projects. Neopac has already adopted a strategy to arrange climate-neutral business trips.

Measures already taken

Neopac has already taken numerous measures to improve its environmental performance. Nowadays, 95% of its colours and varnishes are UV-cured, which means they contain less volatile solvents. More than one-third of the electrical energy required by the company is provided by hydropower. 85% of the company’s wastes are sorted, separated and recycled whilst the remainder is recycled for energy. Short journeys, hazardous substance standard Euro 5 for heavy goods vehicles and the purchase of raw materials solely from Europe are other measures implemented by Neopac in an attempt to take care of the environment and the world’s resources.