A very encouraging first report” for the 2008-2009 fiscal year, said Charles-Emmanuel Gounod, the BeautyFULL Club’s President, which held its first General Assembly on June 25th, in Paris.

Emmanuel Gounod, the BeautyFULL Club's President

Emmanuel Gounod, the BeautyFULL Club’s President

There are several matters of satisfaction, with successively the holding of the first breakfast-debates, the first conferences from the Environment Committee at the 2008 Beyond Beauty Paris and Luxe Pack shows, and the implementation of a website,” explained Francois Camilli, Secretary General.

The originality of the Club in the perfumes and cosmetics industry has also helped organize a lunch-debate held on February 11th, 2009 with representatives from the entire industry, in particular from brands and distributors such as: Joël Palix from Clarins, Nathalie Duran from Yves Saint Laurent Parfums and Thibault Ponroy from the Marionnaud Group.

But much remains to be done. "The crisis and its impact on the whole industry is there to remind us of the urgency for a debate between all the actors of this industry", explain the managers of the Club.

"The Club should be the crossroads for ideas coming from perfumes and cosmetics industry" concludes its President, Charles-Emmanuel Gounod.