Eight manufacturing partners

The manufacturers gathered into Mouvement Infini share the same goal: crossing a new frontier in the world of eco-designed cosmetics and perfumes.

After the launch of Naya, last year, a fully ecodesigned skincare product, Mouvement Infini will showcase Emoi Infini, during the next Luxe Pack congress, which will be held in Monaco October 20-22, 2010. This new project takes the form of a box of three fully eco-designed perfumes (Elle, Lui, Moi for the French Her, Him, Me), which by developing manufactured, optimized and integrated solutions, offer an innovative positioning in the luxury market.

Naya, a 100% eco-designed skincare

Naya, a 100% eco-designed skincare

For the eight partners within Mouvement Infini (who were five only for the launch of Naya), SGD, Strand Cosmetics Europe, Mane, Extreme Paris, VPI, Wauters, M-Real and Rexam, the segment of high-end perfumery perfectly matches with the spirit of their high-quality eco-friendly developments.

The range of three complementary men’s, women’s and children’s perfumes therefore appears as: “A possibility to create links between materials, trades, but also individuals and generations. It adds a unique emotional touch to the purely functional.

EMOI advocates a genuine state of mind: others and ME, exchanging, borrowing, swapping, depending on our moods and desires. Sharing of emotions – that’s what sustainable development is all about.

From integral eco-design to integrated eco-design

Meant both for manufacturers, who produce it, and consumers, who wear it, Emoi Infini is the fruit of a comprehensive eco-friendly approach. Integrated to the product and its promise, eco-design should no longer appear as a constraint. On the contrary, it anticipates operational solutions, and remains very real.

Emoi Infini, a box of three fully eco-designed perfumes (Elle, Lui,...

Emoi Infini, a box of three fully eco-designed perfumes (Elle, Lui, Moi)

All steps in the process - raw materials, fragrance, production, bottle, box, consumption - have been well eco-planned and eco-designed: a chemical-free colouring process, a box without husks or adhesives, 100% recycled glass and PET, organic jus, and a pump dispenser with a removable cap. All materials can be endlessly sorted and recycled.

In launching Emoi Infini, underline its creators, we are bringing a whole new perspective, moving from integral eco-design to integrated eco-design.