Forty-four-year-old agronomist Emmanuel Guichard started his career as a researcher in the United States and Spain. He then joined the world of professional associations in France and in Brussels. He was first in charge of economic affairs at the French union of beetroot producers (CGB), before working as the secretary general of the European confederation of yeast producers (COFALEC), in Brussels.

Since 2016, Emmanuel Guichard had been the General Delegate of Elipso. This industry being in a transitional period, he became an expert in circular economy, from design to packaging recycling, so he boasts a good understanding of consumer goods and a leading expertise in circular economy and the European machinery.

I’m extremely happy to join the cosmetics manufacturing sector, a flagship industry which contributes to France’s influence on the global level. This strong industry’s excellence and performance are driven by both major groups and SMEs across the whole territory. Now, in this historic period marked by the COVID crisis, but also by deep changes as regards consumer habits, we need, more than ever, to take action as a group, so that, day after day, we better meet consumer expectations and stay in line with our society’s changes. I warmly thank Patrick O’Quin for the outstanding work he did as the head of FEBEA, as he contributed to making it a leading federation and a reference partner for public authorities and our whole ecosystem,” explains Emmanuel Guichard.

Patrick O’Quin, who has decided to retire, will leave his office after a one-month transitional period. “Thanks to the support and engagement of our members, we can be collectively proud of the work done by FEBEA for the cosmetics industry, throughout the years. It was a pleasure and honour to work with beauty companies, which embody excellence and innovation in France and around the world. I’m delighted to welcome Emmanuel Guichard, who will offer his experience with professional associations, his expertise in circular economy, and his deep knowledge of economic, social, and environmental issues. This will be particularly valuable for our federation and industry in the years to come”.