Presented at the last edition of the Luxe Pack Monaco trade show, the refillable version of the Baia pouch airless bottle is part of the generalization of sustainable development initiatives within the cosmetics industry.

Delicate formulas

Co-developed with Lablabo, a specialist in pouch airless packaging solutions, the Baia airless bottle is particularly suitable for delicate formulas that are increasingly common in the cosmetics and personal care industries.

Entirely manufactured and assembled in France, the Baia airless is a complete set consisting of a 30 or 50 ml recyclable polypropylene (PP) bottle, a recyclable polyethylene (PE) pouch, a pump allowing the distribution of high viscosity formulas, a collar and a cap. The flexible pouch retracts with each dose delivered. There is therefore no air return into the system, which helps to protect the integrity of the formula and to limit the total amount of preservatives needed. The pouch also allows an optimal restitution of the product, up to 95% depending on the formula, and therefore helps to reduce waste.

Removable pouch and heat-sealed refill

For the refillable version, an ultra-simple gesture has been developed. After use, the pouch can be easily removed by unscrewing the upper part of the system. The user can then insert a refill and reuse the rest of the the system, i.e. the bottle, the collar, the cap and the pump.

"The pouch is the only part to be discarded after use, which limits the environmental footprint of the Baia airless and represents an economical gain from the second use," says Embelia.

A plastic or aluminium lid can be heat sealed on the refill.

Environmental credentials

Beyond being refillable, the Baia airless bottle offers several environmental benefits: the size of the bottle has been optimized to minimize its weight, some lines can be produced with recycled materials and all the components are recyclable in the most common sorting channels.

Many customization options are avaialble such as silk-screening, pad printing, hot stamping, coloration of the bottle, etc.