Ellipse, the new airless dispenser presented by French company Lablabo at the recent Cosmoprof show in Bologna, combines a a powerful and accurate pump, capable of metering a wide range of viscosities and equipped with a self-sealing actuator, an elliptical bottle containing a multi-layer aluminium-plastic pouch.

Main advantage: the pouch fits the shape of the bottle and can be filled using a standard machine as easily as a tube. It is not a “pouch sachet”, which is difficult to fill consistently.

Moreover, the Ellipse’s pouch offers perfect protection, whilst providing a high restitution capacity at the same time. For oxygen-sensitive products, filling can be done in a nitrogen environment.

Today, it is no longer enough just to have a simple airless dispenser capable of avoiding any air return when the product is used. Now, we need a packaging capable of protecting the formulation efficiently throughout the product’s full life inside the metering system and more especially during storage periods, which might well last for several years,” says Jean-Philippe Taberlet, Pharmacist and CEO of Lablabo.

Although they only act slowly, degradation processes do denature products as they remain inside the pack for a very long time.

We have inventoried all the possible causes of degradation and found a solution for every one of them,” outlines Jean-Philippe Taberlet. “Today, this enables us to offer a packaging capable of protecting products against evaporation, oxidation through contact with materials, desiccation in the top of the pump, bacterial contamination, UV radiation and interactions with materials. For this reason, our solution is particularly suitable for sensitive formulas.

Another innovation offered by the Ellipse range: the original shape of its bottle. “Until now, airless dispensers have always been based on cylinders, which is a shame because the pouch system enables the use of a very wide range of shapes that would be impossible to achieve with a piston system. With the help of over fifteen years’ experience in airless pouch dispensers, we have succeeded in adapting our EasyFoil technology, which has been well-­‐tried and tested on highly sensitive products, to fit a new shape, a very flat ellipse, which associates elegance with a large surface available for decoration.

The 50 ml Ellipse bottle can contain a pouch from 10 to 50 ml, and a 75 ml bottle will soon be added to the range. The pump can supply a dose of between 0.25 ml and 1 ml and it can also be proposed in a spray version.