On the occasion of the next Luxe Pack tradeshow, which will be held on 27-29 October 2014 in Monaco, Edelmann will be exhibiting optical and haptic effects like brush, mother-of-pearl, holographic, and metallic designs, as well as folding cartons with unusual shapes like curves, contoured edges or concave surfaces.

The international group specialising in cardboard and paper packaging wish to put light on its offers combining production and services. In particular, Edelmann offers advice on the best possible use of materials, colours and finishes in order to do justice to the requirements for the brand, the target group and subsequent processing that the customer has to juggle.

The company also intends to capitalize on its international development.

Edelmann develops, produces, and markets folding cartons, leaflets, and system solutions at 13 sites in Germany, France, Poland, Hungary, Mexico, China, and India. “Group-wide uniform production and technology standards mean Edelmann can guarantee a consistent level of quality for its customers worldwide: every piece of packaging that leaves any of the production sites fulfils Edelmann’s quality promise,” claims the company.