Ecovia Intelligence is hosting its first Natural Cosmetics Masterclass in over two years. Taking place in London on 13th July, the event will cover two of the fastest growing sectors in the cosmetics industry: veganism and clean beauty.

The event comes as demand for clean beauty products has strengthened during the pandemic, driven by rising consumer concerns regarding the potential health risks of synthetic chemicals in cosmetics and toiletries. In parallel, according to Ecovia Intelligence, the growing popularity of the vegan lifestyle is generating demand for plant-based cosmetics; many brands are re-formulating to market their products as vegan. The Vegan Society, the world’s largest certifier of vegan products, says that cosmetic products now represent the largest share of its 52,000 certified products.

UK-focused event

The Masterclass comprises various seminars and a training workshop. Industry experts will give an update on market trends and developments. The latest data on the UK natural and organic personal care products market will be presented. Since the UK’s departure from the EU, there is high interest in the UK market from North American, Australasian and Asian brands. Representatives from NATRUE and COSMOS will give an update on their certification schemes. Almost 40,000 cosmetic products are now certified according to these two standards.

Elsie Rutterford, Co-Founder of BYBI Beauty, will give details on how it has developed its clean beauty product range. The BYBI brand is using superfood ingredients in its formulations. It has also created carbon negative products by using sugarcane-based plastic packaging. A leading organic food retailer will share its experiences with clean beauty products, whilst a research agency will present marketing and consumer trends.

Formulation workshop

The second half of the programme comprises a formulation workshop. Judi Beerling, a chartered cosmetic scientist, will discuss the issues when re-formulating clean beauty products. Technical advice and guidance will be given to brands looking to formulate with green functional ingredients, such as preservatives, surfactants, emulsifiers, etc.

The Natural Cosmetics Masterclass aims to help operators develop and market clean, natural, organic and / or vegan cosmetic products. This is the first masterclass hosted by that covers clean beauty and veganism.

Natural Cosmetics Masterclass
Regent’s University
Regent’s Park, Central London
13th July 2022

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