The winners of the 2020 Sustainable Beauty Awards have been announced on November 3rd at a virtual awards ceremony.

Concomitant with the European edition of the Sustainable Beauty Summit, held virtually on 02-05 November 2020, the aim of the Sustainable Beauty Awards is to give recognition to operators who are pushing the boundaries of sustainability in the beauty industry.

The winners and runner-ups of the 2020 edition of the international awards are:

New Sustainable Product

Hair O’right International (Taiwan) is the winner with its N° Zero Toothpaste. Launched in January, the natural toothpaste is carbon neutral; it is formulated with food-grade ingredients that are certified according to the USDA bio-based programme.

Faith in Nature (UK) is runner-up with its Natural Shampoo Bar.

The finalists are Comfort Zone Sacred Nature Youth Serum, Martina Gebhardt SATIS Dental Teeth Cleaning Powder, and Pegada Verde lda Naua Natural Care.

Sustainable Ingredient

The winner is Actera Ingredients (USA) with ILOX+. The natural antioxidant ingredient is made from yerba mate leaves which are ethically sourced from the Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil. The company works with the Araucária+ Initiative to ensure sustainable forest management.

There are two runner-ups this year: Mibelle Biochemistry (Switzerland) with Black BeeOme and Roelmi HPC (Italy) with Emotion Light.

The finalists are Döhler YuraQ, Olvea TrueSheaTM, and Swedish Algae Factory Algica.

Sustainable Packaging

Lush (UK) gets top award for its Cork Pots carbon-positive packaging. Sourced from the Cork Oak Forest in Portugal, the project has involved the replanting of over 20,000 native trees. The innovative packaging is used for its naked products, such as shampoo bars, conditioners, soaps, etc.

Myro (USA) is the runner-up. In 2018, the company introduced its natural deodorants in refillable pods.

OLIKA, REN Clean Skincare, and Weckerle Cosmetics are the finalists.

Sustainability Pioneer

TerraCycle (USA) is the winner for its innovative approaches to removing waste. It is setting up recycling bins for personal care products, recycling waste materials, and launched the Loop shopping platform to help create a circular economy.

Hair O’right International (Taiwan) is runner-up. It is the first Taiwanese company to carry the carbon footprint and carbon neutral labels. Clariant, LMR Naturals by IFF, and Liv Trading are the finalists.

Sustainability Leadership

AAK Personal Care (Sweden) and Lush (UK) are joint winners.

AAK Personal Care has set up sustainable supply chains for its raw materials, including shea butter in West Africa. The projects are helping improving the lives of smallholders. Since it was formed in 1995, Lush has been spearheading green initiatives in the beauty industry. From the ethical sourcing of raw materials, production processes, (Naked) packaging initiative, to waste management,” said the organisers.

Croda International (UK) is the runner-up. Other finalists are Aveda and Hair O’right International.

There was an exceptionally high calibre of entries this year,” commented Amarjit Sahota, Founder of Ecovia Intelligence, organiser of the Sustainable Beauty Awards. “On behalf of the judging panel, I would like to congratulate Lush, Hair o’Right, Actera Ingredients, TerraCycle and AAK Personal Care for their achievements. We hope these awards inspire more companies to take the green road.