For the new, Cosmos-Organic-certified range, Eclo has taken up the challenge of formulating makeup with 100% organic ingredients or ingredients of natural origin, and eco-designed packaging. The main active, rye, is combined with vegetable waxes – castor, coconut or sunflower – for a melting texture with nourishing properties.

It’s a sensory, long-lasting balm that’s easy to apply, with adjustable coverage, and a natural finish”, says Priscille Charton, the co-creator of the brand.

Organic rye extract

All formulas contain an active derived from regenerative agriculture. Here, the organic rye extract was selected for its action on skin tonicity, but also because its numerous roots help restore the habitat of living organisms in the soil, and therefore biodiversity.

This plant also withstands climatic hazards”, says Priscille Charton. “We aim to source raw materials from regenerative agriculture and to build bridges between producers, who thus leave the full power to nature, and the cosmetics industry, which most of them do not supply”, she adds.

Ten shades are presented in the range packed with the iconic compostable solution developed by Sulapac.

It was a technical challenge to cover as many skin tones as possible, from the lightest, pinkish porcelain, to the darkest, chocolate. Very light shades are generally not well represented in foundation ranges, so we worked a lot on these ones. As for white, the formulas contain non-nano titanium dioxide”, she explains.

Rapid growth

Launched eight months ago after a fundraising campaign on Ulule, Eclo is available in an increasing number of concept stores in France, in addition to its e-shop.

We have received a lot of incoming applications. Outlets feel that we have a value proposition and that we are actually meeting customer needs with healthy, travel-size, easy-to-use makeup products that beautify, without seeking to transform”, says Priscille Charton.

This enthusiastic reception has enabled her to consider extending the existing lipstick and blush ranges in 2023, with shades chosen in collaboration with her community, and a mascara.

Our biggest task is to encourage the use of regenerative agriculture in cosmetics, at all value stages," she concludes.