With Easy I-Liner, which was presented at the latest edition of MakeUp in Paris, Topline Products intends to offer a novel eyeliner solution, with an “accessibly priced packaging” and “industrially suited to all budgets.

This pen is made of just five elements - body, cap, rollerball, applicator with ink reservoir and cap. According to Top Line , it is also easy to fill. “Thanks to a simple design, the pack can be filled in industrial conditions without the need for special tooling, which facilitates the process for clients with their own filling lines.

In terms of its formula, Easy-I liner provides long-term efficacy since the formula can not dry up inside the pen.

The liner comes with either a synthetic fiber brush or a felt tip thus guaranteeing a bold line with ample coverage.

Easy-l liner is available in plastic or aluminum casing and can be customized for all needs and budgets.

Capacity: 0.55 +/-0,05ml