U.S. chemicals producer, Eastman Chemical Company, will use a sustainable manufacturing process, based the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s principles of green chemistry, to manufacture a range of new ingredients in the colour cosmetic and skin care markets. The first set of sustainably produced ingredients will be launched very soon.

Formerly called the green biocatalytic process, Eastman’s GEM technology was awarded the EPA’s Presidential Green Chemistry Award in 2009. The award recognizes technologies that incorporate EPA’s 12 principles of green chemistry into chemical design, manufacture and use.

Pursuant to green chemistry principles, the new process uses enzymatic technology and closely controlled manufacturing conditions to make esters, eliminating the high temperature and strong acids traditionally required in their manufacture. “With this technology in place, waste, energy, water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions are significantly reduced providing,” said Marcie Natale, biocatalysis platform manager, Eastman Chemical Company.