"Packaging is an art form," Rosen says. "Our job is to create packaging and products that speak to consumers on many levels. The wellspring from which we draw is based on our experiences as well as our imaginations."

From glass to plastic

Marc Rosen

Marc Rosen

Best known for his iconic fragrance bottle designs made of glass, Rosen used Eastman’s Eastar CN copolyester, the latest addition to The Glass Polymer family of cosmetic materials, to develop sophisticated make-up designs that he says would not have been possible otherwise.

"Innovative silhouettes and unexpected material distribution allowed us to create unique offerings that aesthetically redefine this category," Rosen says. "This is why The Glass Polymer is the designer’s choice and makes creating new compact, lipstick and lip gloss packaging an adventure. The results can be memorable if deployed as part of a larger branding initiative. They can become signature to that brand, giving it a real competitive advantage."

The seven collections designed by Marc Rosen feature the moulding expertise of six global manufacturing companies: Albéa (ex-Alcan Packaging Beauty), in Brazil; Plasmetik Precision Molding Company, Ltd., in China; Pieriplast, in Peru; and Axilone, Jackel Cosmetics, and Leidel Corporation of the United States.

"Working with Marc, says Jayme Leita, global market development manager for Eastman, a renowned designer, and some of the world’s top molders is a new model for innovation in the cosmetics industry - one that provides brand owners a catalyst for innovative cosmetics packaging."

"Rarely do designers have the opportunity to step outside the confines of the expected and pursue new aesthetic and packaging directions. Rarer still are sophisticated materials that allow designers to fulfil their vision," we are said at Marc Rosen.

Seven collections

The following seven cosmetic collections draw inspiration from many sources; all, however, were created to maximize the innovative potentiat of The Glass Polymer family of cosmetic materials from Eastman Chemical Company.

- Chic, this sleek and apparently simple line manufactured by Axilone was inspired by the elegant cosmetic packaging of the 1940s and 1950s. During that period, prestigious jewelers would often create beautiful powder compacts and matching lipstick cases for society ladies. It was a statement of status to carry such refined and well-crafted make-up accessories.

We tried to capture the spirit of such collections, but in a contemporary way. The compact clasp and the lipstick and lip gloss cap are clearty a nod to elegant jewelry-inspired closures of years gone by,” says Marc Rosen.

- The Halo collection, manufactured by Albéa, (ex Alcan Packaging Beauty) is all about the purity of proportion and beauty of innovative materials. Here, classic design creates a clear resin halo effect to showcase and enhance the product within. Exacting wall thicknesses and even material distribution all underscore a simple, yet sophisticated, design.

- The Triad collection, manufactured by Leidel Corporation, is inspired by a personal compact created in the 1940s by "Jeweler to the Stars" Paul Flato for Elizabeth Arden. The compact, crafted in gold, was reminiscent of an envelope.

Crisp, clean lines and sharp edges create a collection with an immaculate, precise presence. The compact lid was designed to reflect the flap of an envelope, the product inside obviously reflecting precious contents therein.

- Pallette is a special piece designed to embody "The Art of Clarity", Marc Rosen’s theme at Luxe Pack Monaco.

This unique package, manufactured by Plasmetik Precision Molding Company, holds a multitude of shades and products for the face. By executing a classic art accessory in modern, clear Eastar copolyester CN, we’ve taken this well-recognized object to a fun, exciting plane. Its over¬ sized proportion makes it all the more interesting.

- Also produced by Plasmetik Precision Molding Company, the Puzzle line was created to both amuse its user and have practical applications as well. Fun, fresh, and young at heart, the puzzle design can be used to create customized product mixes. Each piece can be used individually or combined (quite literally) to create a "personalized picture of beauty"!

- Fashion forward and based on the timeless appeal of stripes, the Prive collection is a tactile experience with alternating thick and thin recessed bands around the lipstick, lip gloss, and across the body of the compact. Manufactured by Pieriplast in Peru.

- Eventually, with the Swirl line, manufactured by Jackel, Marc Rosen invites us to rethink the zen aesthetic of a Brancusi sculpture, but reinterpreted for the 21st century. Amorphic and sensual, this collection extols The Glass Polymer family of cosmetic materials and its ability to effortlessly flow and hold unique shapes and forms. The varying wall thicknesses of these components are very and feminine and create a soft, tactile experience in the hand. The relationship between the product and package also varies as the material ebbs and flows in thick and thin waves.