Through its collaboration with Albéa on projects such as the Lancôme’s new Grandiôse liner, DuPont has become the first to bring Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT) solutions to the cosmetics market.

DuPont’s Crastin PBT allowed to combine mechanical properties, excellent compatibility with cosmetic formulations and high aesthetics.

The cosmetic industry strives to provide consumers with products that delight and surprise them. We are constantly trying to innovate. Using DuPont Crastin offers improved performance, affordable prices, a trendy look and environment-friendliness that we have not experienced before. The new Lancôme eyeliner stem provides excellent functionality whilst not compromising the stiffness needed for a seamless application. The metallized ring brings the opportunity to enlarge the decorative techniques,” said Jérôme Liard, New Product & Business Development Director at Albéa.

Crastin PBT is a high performance polyester material. According to DuPont, it provides excellent dimensional stability and mechanical properties. The quality of its surface finish allows for a wider range of decorations such as hot stamping, painting or metallization.

In addition to Crastin PBT, Lancôme’s Grandiôse liner also features the DuPont Surlyn resin, well known for its design and transparency capabilities.

Our R&D team brings together product innovation and customers’ creative cosmetic formulations to provide design freedom whilst allowing glamour and High Tech in applications such as the new Grandiôse Liner from Lancôme,” said Alexandra Fabbro, Marketing Development Leader, DuPont Performance Materials, EMEA.