For its new Maxi Lash mascara, Oriflame was looking for a brush that would be able to fulfill the entire range of missions assigned to the new product: to load, to comb and to curl lashes all at the same time.

The solution proposed by Albéa was based on the Dual Comb, an innovative brush that is part its standard offer. This brush, with its double comb design, has several advantages:

- One side, with short and spaced teeth, loads the lashes with formula, adding volume.

- The other side, with both longer and closer teeth, combs the lashes, for a better definition.

- Eventually, two flat sides allow curling lashes, by gently applying pressure at their bottom, for just a few seconds. “An easy and quick step, with no risk of staining the eyelid,” claims Albéa.

The user can get three different effects, depending on her wishes, but she can also combine the three steps to get perfect make-up results.

With an eye-catching red exterior, the Maxi Lash mascara is equipped with an ABS cap and a PP tube, decorated with writing in silver hot stamping.