The theme of sustainability is not only present in the development and design process of each packaging created and produced by DTS Europe, but has also been the basic pillar of its origin and values. The environmental impact and recyclability of each project is assessed. As a result, DTS Europe offers the market a complete and varied range of mono-material and 100% recyclable products.

Cosmetic products formulations and sustainability

We associate sustainable formulations with organic or natural ingredients.
Natural formulas are usually quite challenging as they contain active ingredients and no preservatives. In most cases, this type of formula requires an airless system that doesn’t oxidise the formula and protects it until it comes into contact with the skin. Is it easy to find airless packaging? Yes. Is it easy to find sustainable airless packaging? No!

DTS Europe Mono-material Airless Systems and Packaging

DTS Europe allows cosmetics brands to choose and develop natural formulations and to choose sustainable packaging for these formulations. The European company based in Portugal develops sustainable packaging (100% mono-material and 100% recyclable) that can transport these formulations to the consumer.

Mono-material packaging plays a fundamental role in the entire sustainability chain and in the circular economy, enabling easy recycling by the end-consumer and recyclability in the recycling industries (reducing the amount of resin to just one), allowing for collection, sorting, separation and recycling within European levels. The packaging produced by DTS Europe has all the necessary characteristics that guarantee the quality of the material after recycling, generating a high quality PCR, fully integrated into the circular economy.

A sustainable range

DTS Europe’s niche portfolio includes a wide range of sustainable and elegant packaging capable of integrating any skincare and make-up product line.

The range consists of flexible packaging available in more than 5 diameters and filling capacities ranging from 8ml to 90ml.

Taking another step forward in the design of mono-material packaging, DTS Europe has just launched the innovative Pump Pacific - 100% recyclable and 100% made of PE - a solution that is easy to separate and easily integrated into any skincare or make-up line.

Innovation and the Future

The next few years will be marked by major innovations that will revolutionise sustainable packaging. They will also be years in which DTS Europe will launch the "Local Communities" project where it will work together with its communities to reduce their carbon footprint and encourage them to have a more sustainable footprint.