The merger of DSM and Firmenich is now closed, giving birth to a new company – named dsm-firmenich – that brings together large innovation and creation capabilities in nutrition, health, and beauty. With a nearly 30,000 team, the new group aims to become “a trailblazer in the reinvention, manufacturing, and combination of vital nutrients, flavours, and fragrances.”

DSM-Firmenich is organized in four distinct businesses:

 Perfumery & Beauty, for fragrances and natural, synthetic, and biotech cosmetic ingredients.
 Taste, Texture & Health, for food and beverage products.
 Health, Nutrition & Care, nutrients and diet supplements.
 Animal Nutrition & Health, for animal proteins.

“We are truly global, built on an incredible foundation of proven world-class science with the broadest portfolio of nutrients, flavors, and fragrances. We are delighted to embark on this journey together as a single force for good as innovators in nutrition, health, and beauty,” said Geraldine Matchett and Dimitri de Vreeze, Co-CEOs of dsm-firmenich.

Following the successful completion of the merger, Geraldine Matchett has decided this is the right time to further her career elsewhere and will move on, as of September 1, in full alignment and with the thanks of the Board of Directors. From this date, Dimitri de Vreeze will be the dsm-firmenich sole CEO.