Dow Personal Care, The Dow Chemical Company’s business unit specialising in the manufacture and marketing of personal care and cosmetics ingredients, is launching a novel, distinct opacifying technology with the aim to provide new possibilities to allow formulators to create creamy conditioning body washes, shampoos and liquid hand soaps.

According to the company, the Opulyn PQG Opacifier is ideally suited for systems containing cationic polymers, such as Polyquaternium-7, Polyquaternium-10 and cationic guar derivatives, and allows long-term stability of cleansing products.

Opulyn PQG Opacifier was designed to have excellent compatibility with cationic ingredients, providing formulators a tool to address formulation challenges met with traditional opacifiers,” said Fabienne Bizeray, product marketing manager for Dow Personal Care. “Opulyn PQG allows formulators to enhance their formulations by imparting a luxurious, creamy effect to cleansers at low use levels. Formulators no longer have to compromise between conditioning benefits and creamy textures in their cleansing formulations.

Dow claims the Opulyn PQG is also suitable for formulating body washes with high concentrations of amphoteric surfactants.

As consumer preferences become increasingly sophisticated, there is a need for novel technologies to address these demands,” said Bizeray.