What if makeup would have a positive effect on mood? This is one of the explanations given for the famous “lipstick index”, which means that lip makeup sales skyrocket during or after crises. After the profusion of natural and authentic beauty looks seen since the beginning of the pandemic, colour appears to make a powerful comeback, precisely to give a much-needed lift in morale!

What is dopamine?

Researchers at France’s National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) have described dopamine as a chemical substance used as a neurotransmitter that produces a state of satisfaction. While a lack of dopamine can lead to a drop in motivation, mood swings or significant fatigue, it is possible to naturally boost its production through certain foods rich in tyrosine, such as avocado, banana, and of course chocolate, as well as through exercise, exposure to sunlight, or enjoying certain activities like listening to music or simply stroking an animal.

But chromatherapy - or colour therapy - could also promote happiness, hence the rise of #dopaminebeauty - also known as #dopaminemakeup - which has taken over social networks in recent weeks.

Makeup: a well-being ally

Just type the hashtags #dopaminebeauty and #dopaminemakeup into TikTok, and you’ll soon see a joyous riot of colours. Rainbow or two-tone eyeshadows, in bold, vibrant shades, multicoloured eyeliner, and glitter galore, all seem to have invaded the social network, and for good cause. The idea is to indulge all imaginable fantasies — within reason — with vivid, zesty colours, temporary tattoos, stickers and more. In short, it’s about having fun.

And for the less daring, this can simply be a matter of stepping up their makeup doses, whether it’s blush, lipstick or lip gloss, or showing some flights of fancy in small touches.

Those who don’t have to go as far as fluorescent eyeshadow, can still try adding a line of coloured eyeliner, a mouth-watering lip colour, or even flashy nail polish to draw attention to their hands.

On TikTok, there’s even a #dopaminenails hashtag, which is all about using bold shades on the nails to feel better…