During a scientific symposium [1] held at the Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress (AMWC) in Monaco, the luxury house unveiled the first International Reverse Aging Scientific Advisory Board dedicated to the skin, bringing together world’s leading researchers on aging alongside experts from Dior Science Research.

“Dior is making a bold entry into an unprecedented and defining scientific adventure. Guided by the ambition to leave beauty as our only legacy, we are convinced that the alliance of beauty and health is the key to a positive relationship with the passing of time,” said Claudia Marcocci, Brand General Director of Parfums Christian Dior.

The board brings together 18 scientists, whose mission will be to work with researchers from the Maison Dior on issues related to skin aging and to help communicate advances in research in this field to the general public.

Since the year 2000, research has progressed significantly in the field of Reverse Aging, most notably with the identification of the 12 key hallmarks [2] of aging. These hallmarks have become an essential reference in aging research: cellular senescence, stem cell depletion, telomere attrition, etc.

“Based on these advances, Dior defined a vision to act not only on the visible consequences of skin aging, but also on its underlying causes, by targeting one or more of these aging hallmarks. Although many elements are yet to be corroborated and tested in clinical trials, we know today in which direction to proceed and which elements to work on in order to push the limits of science and make this scientific revolution a reality in the field of skin care,” explains the brand on their science focused website.

The board brings together 12 experts in fundamental science (one for each of the cellular hallmarks of aging), three experts in skin science, to participate in the development of Reverse Aging-based skin care products, one expert on the psychology of aging, to understand Reverse Aging through a social and societal lens, as well as two experts in floral science and ethnobotany, to explore the effects of floral active ingredients on Reverse Aging of the skin.

“By employing cutting-edge technological advancements, the Reverse Aging Scientific Advisory Board for Dior Science will push forward research on these key cellular hallmarks. This will enable us to go further in improving mechanisms to delay or even reverse the effects of time. Dior Science now knows in which direction to proceed and which elements to work on in order to push the limits of science and make this scientific revolution a reality. Indeed, several scientific fields are currently being pursued, with research focusing on the regenerative power of flowers to restore cell and tissue health,” claims the brand in a statement.