Innovation and creativity

The German company is successful, in spite of a competitive environment that has not weakened, far from it, and which can take many forms, in terms of competitors, in some of the packaging segment, such as large international packaging companies, dealers, design firms and new players in the "global full service" including filling operations.

Dominic Bakic

Dominic Bakic

The latest advertising spot, on the French TV, of a famous brand of German cars gives quite a good picture of the image one could have of Germany... "What a fine style, what a fine design," exclaimed Karl Lagerfeld adding "indeed this car looks quite French!" The embarrassment in the studio was perceptible until when a technician came whispering at the ear of the fashion designer that the car... was German! An anecdote that could just as well illustrate the road gone through by the teams of Dieter Bakic Enterprises in the beauty segment. Because the Munich based firm held tight to all the values for which the company is known for today in this sector, not only in terms of design, innovation and creativity, but also in terms of efficiency in a sector long regarded as "very French".

"The analysis of a market, of a company, of its products, of the selected distribution channel... a number of elements that contribute to lead our client toward the appropriate solution in terms of packaging," Dominic Bakic explained. "But There is more to it! We always try to have a global appreciation of the subject and we want to work in the field of the development of a complete range. In addition, we fully participate in the chances our client takes."

Fifteen new products each year!

Today, Dieter Bakic Enterprises, employs 80 people in five countries, who are working for 95% of them in the cosmetic sector. A company that owns more than 500 moulds and creates, year in and year out, fifteen new products. Truly a company of its own that has no equivalent elsewhere. "It’s true," said Dominic Bakic, "that there are some companies that we consider our competitors, however, they actually only offer part of our services. Hardly anybody to my knowledge, can boast having such a broad offer ranging from market analysis and brand positioning, to the manufacture of packaging, including the innovation, and the design phase ending with the creation of a coherent range also producing high values."

For the teams of Dieter Bakic Enterprises, a retail shelf space in stores look most often confused and with a lack of ’landmarks’. "Even if we are stating the obvious" Dominic Bakic insists "obviously we need to stand out and still be consistent across all brand elements! Which is not that simple ... What matters is of course to be visible, innovative and consistent!"

And the latest examples of putting into compliance a product line are numerous. "I can cite, for example, Dr. Baumann, a German company where it was not just about repacking an existing line, but consulting and realising a brand repositioning to a more selective brand, spanning all communication elements.

As for environment in the literal sense, which is one of the market’s oh-so-legitimate concern, teams at Dieter Bakic Enterprises have integrated it perfectly. "We are about to introduce a new concept with that in mind!" To be followed...