Dedicated to secondary packaging for the luxury market, Diam Pack continues to build its offer in order to cater to brands’ demands for innovative and sustainable products. With Ilan Schinazi as its managing director, the business unit recently welcomed Céline Pierret as sales director for France. “Her experience and expertise make her a strong addition to Diam Pack’s team,” said the company in a statement.

Céline Pierret has been appointed as Diam Pack's sales director for...

Céline Pierret has been appointed as Diam Pack’s sales director for France

To date, Diam Pack has sales offices in France, the United States, Scotland, Singapore, and it recently opened an outpost in Switzerland.

Specializing in merchandising and retail, Diam is reinforcing its strategy of expansion into the specific segments of luxury packaging for the beauty, wines and spirits and watchmaking industries. Following the acquisition of MR Cartonnage Numérique in September 2017 and the strengthening of its Diam Color activity, which manufactures testers, dummies and small-series color packaging in France and China, Diam Group became a minority shareholder in Cofima, a manufacturer of luxury wooden and coated boxes based in Thailand, and Norline, a French producer of high-luxury small series. Additionally, in order to expand its coffret offer, Diam Pack has also signed exclusive contracts with factories in China and Southern Europe.