Dutch dermatological skincare brand Dermolin has chosen Promens’ Ecosolution airless bottles for packing its new hypoallergenic moisturizing day cream and night cream.

Marketed as an environmentally responsible skin care brand, Dermolin offers formulas that are free from perfume and parabens, in line with women’s new expectations. Indeed, consumers in general increasingly tend to opt for simple but functional and sustainable products that are friendly with the environment.

According to Promens, Ecosolution perfectly meets these expectations. AirFree, its “bag-in-bottle” airless system suits perfectly with this kind of sensitive formulas with few or no preservatives. “The EVOH layer in the pouch has barrier properties and protects the formula from oxygen during the entire time the product is used,” says the packaging supplier in a release. “The AirFree® system guarantees protection against oxygen before and after use: the formulation has no contact with air and the Dermolin preservative-free creams is totally protected from contamination.

Several environmental assets add up to the advantages of airless regarding the protection of the formula. Indeed, Ecosolution a is 100% plastic (100% polyolefin) system and therefore is 100% recyclable. It does not contain any metal or glass part, or any non recyclable plastic. The French organisation COTREP (Plastic Packaging Recycling Technical Committee) assessed the recyclability of AirFree bottles in the HD-PE recycled bottles stream. The Ecosolution system is not required to be disassembled since all parts of both the bottle and the dispensing system are recyclable.

Furthermore, the Ecosolution system has been developed in accordance with an eco-design process: the weight of each part has been optimised, all raw materials used are standard materials, and Promens chose only local suppliers (within a 200 km radius) in order to minimize people and material transportation.

Thanks to its dispensing system made of 4 parts only, Ecosolution contributes to reduce CO2 emissions by 30%,” says Promens. [1]

Furthermore, the “bag-in-bottle” technology used by Ecosolution makes it more compact [2] than piston-based airless dispensers. According to Promens, the reduction of the packaging volume by 30%.

At last, the bottle itself can be made of recycled plastic. Indeed, according to Promens, the multi-layer co-extruded bottle can be produced in recycled raw material (Post Consumer Recycled HDPE). “Therefore, the external layer is totally made of recycled PE and represents 85% of the total raw material weight of the bottle, while the internal multi-layers pouch that is in contact with the formula, is made from virgin PE.

Ecosolution is available with two different actuators: short or long, in order to answer all of the market needs. The bottle range is available in 5 sizes: 50 ml, 100 ml, 200 ml, 400 ml and 500 ml.

“The bottle diameter has been studied for perfect handling and thanks to its easy lockable option, it can be carried safely”, says Isabelle Orhan, Innovation & Marketing Director, at Promens.

Ecosolution dispenses a dose of 1.5 ml and is adapted for all formulations (from the most liquid products to the most viscous creams). With its cylindrical shape, Ecosolution is the ideal packaging for facial care, body care, hair care, sun care, baby care and men care products.