Deodorant is the most important product in women’s beauty routine, according to a survey conducted by Unilever’s personal care brand Dove women across the U.S. [1] As a matter of fact, out of the products women use in their morning beauty routine, respondents ranked deodorant above the rest - twice that of toothpaste/toothbrush, four times that of foundation, nearly six times that of mascara and ten times that of eyeliner.

According to Dove, deodorant is not only the product that makes women feel the most confident, but it is also a step in their morning beauty routine they never want to skip.

Women said putting on deodorant before leaving the house is nearly:

- 5 times more important than washing their hair,
- 8 times more important than putting on mascara,
- 13 times more important than wearing lipstick or lip gloss.

The data also uncovered interesting facts about the impact underarms can have on how U.S. women feel and act on any given day. When women have forgotten to apply deodorant it was revealed that:

- 87 percent feel self-conscious,
- 67 percent distance themselves from others,
- 49 percent have gone back home to put it on.

The survey also showed 88 percent of women agree they would prefer a deodorant that also provides skin care benefits in addition to odor and wetness protection. Yet, they often stick with what they know and only 34 percent have switched their deodorant in the last year.