Gina d'Ansembourg, owner of the Delbôve skincare brand

Gina d’Ansembourg, owner of the Delbôve skincare brand

In the 1960s, Roger Delbôve and his wife Marion, who used to work for Helena Rubinstein, designed a skincare product based on medicinal plants to restore the skin’s balance and natural functions. It took the form of a ritual combining an Eau and a Crème, later called the Magic Ritual. When Marion died, Gina d’Ansembourg, who loved this method and its results, decided to revive the Delbôve brand and the formulas making up the ritual. A first wholly-owned store opened in Brussels in 2013, then a second in Antwerp, which helped reconnect the brand with its users. Delbôve is now coming to France.

The Magic Ritual on which all Delbôve treatments are based suits all skin types and ages. Morning and night, thanks to the Crème Sorcière and Eau Sorcière emulsion, the three-minute ritual helps restore the balancing and regenerating power of the skin. This duo containing 19 natural actives becomes a five-in-one product: a cleanser, a makeup remover, a toner, and a day & night cream. As a complement, a range composed of 25 formulas “highly concentrated in botanical actives” offers both face and body care for specific needs.

The Delbôve products are available at the Bon Marché department store and at the Liquides perfume store for EUR38 to EUR82.