The new varnish solutions developed by Altus Coating’s Research & Development laboratory have been designed to enhance glass, aluminium and even wood packaging while minimizing energy consumption, the use of solvents, or the emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). These products do not prevent packaging recycling and have been developed to meet at least one of the following criteria: to contain no more than 10% volatile organic compounds, to contain at least 10% bio-sourced substances, to be dried under LED lamps.

New solutions for glass packaging

Altus Coating thus offers a multitude of finishes and properties (gloss, matt, colourless, opaque, “frosted”, unbreakable glass and metallic finishes) for glass.

For instance, the Alcoat range, a single coat water- based thermal drying solution, allows substantial savings in terms of energy consumption, thanks to its reticulation process.

The Alcure and Allux ranges propose can be applied directly to the glass with no solvent- based adhesion primer. This eliminates the need for an oven and its huge energy requirements, while also limiting VOC emissions.

In addition, new water-based solutions that are still under development will soon be offering a phenomenal reduction in energy requirements to meet even more stringent criteria.

Wood and aluminium

As far as wood is concerned, Altus Coating offers a solvent-based UV solution that does not penetrate the substrate and considerably reduces the amount of product required and VOC emissions, combined with UV reticulation to limit energy consumption and preserve the substrate.

For aluminium, the company showcased a water-based thermal solution like that developed for glass. This solvent-based UV solution offers the same advantages as the one developed for glass, with the addition of resistance properties required for the various stages of substrate shaping

Luxe Pack in Green award

With these new solutions, Altus Coating has won the Luxe Pack in Green 2022 Award in the “Corporate Social Responsibility approach” category at Luxe Pack Monaco.

Altus Coating’s application highlighted their achievements in combining CSR policy and innovation, since their creation in 2007, as well as their decision to be evaluated very early in alignment with their most demanding customers.

In 2021, Altus Coating thus received the Platinum medal from EcoVadis -the world’s most trusted organization for CSR evaluations- thus ranking in the Top 1% of its professional category.